If you need to understand the different student loan options available, payoff plans, and the pros and cons of each, David's your guy. He has a thorough understanding of this complex and confusing area and was able to answer all of my questions.
Judge Alex Ferrer
Television Personality Judge Alex Ferrer
David is awesome to work with! 100% professional! He has helped out hundreds of people get out of crazy student loan debt! I recommend him to any of my friends and family.
Andrew E.
David is highly skilled in the area of Student Loan programs and was able to help show me how to get a large reduction in the amount of my payments. I would definitely recommend him to everyone (which I just sent him a referral today). Thank you again!
Dina G.
I would like to recommend Mr. Stillson to anyone who needs help with understanding student loan repayment plans. I have been looking for the right person to help me understand my payment options regarding my defaulted student loans. The service that Mr. Stillson provided me with was outstanding. He was able to explain to me the different plans and find the right plan for my financial situation, and I am so grateful for his expertise. I am looking forward to his channel launch,as well and will gladly share it with everyone I know.
Tanyea G.
David is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas of law including the ins and outs of student loans and the various programs, plans and options. This is an extremely confusing area for any former student, such as myself, and David makes it extremely easy to understand and guides you in the best direction for your situation. He was extremely courteous, helpful and friendly and I can't thank him enough for all his help. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking counsel on their student loans or in other areas.
David M.
I contacted David Stillson seeking advice on my student loan debt. David was extremely knowledgeable and helpful about the current plans and qualifications for each during our phone consultation. More importantly, he was able to help me understand the tax implications under each plan so that I could find the best repayment plan for me. I highly recommend his services for any student loan issues from simple to complex.
Alicia G.
David is an expert in student loan law and works thoroughly to ensure that his clients have the knowledge they need to explore their loan options, borrowers need a dedicated professional like David on their side.
Joey L.
I recently had the opportunity to connect and work with David regarding my student loan debt and I was impressed with his professionalism and expertise in the field. David's attention to detail and ability to analyze my situation was unquestionabally the best assistance I've received to date. Thank you David!!!!
Doug M.
I had some concerns about consolidation and the best options for repayment. David was able to advise me not just on my options and how they would affect me once I made a decision on repayment options but, also the process as it is a bit of a hassle dealing with the loan companies. He advised me on exactly what to expect and how to deal with any bumps in the road I may encounter. Ultimately, I was able to make a decision on the best repayment options and really understand what consolidation would mean for me.
Genelle B.
Like many others coming out of a post-grad education program, I too had a considerable amount of loans, and concerns as to how I'd manage repayment. David took the time to review all of my information (even after hours) and helped me come up with several manageable options to pay back my loans. David's knowledge and expertise in this area coupled with his genuine interest in helping people in this situation sets him apart from the rest. I will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who may have questions regarding their student loans.
Stephen D.
I came across David's information online as I searched for more information regarding private student loans. I contacted David to inquire about my options to which he responded right away along with a follow up phone call the next day! He was very detailed and answered all my questions. I would certainly recommend David to others. I look forward to his upcoming channel.
Simone B.
I had the opportunity to work with David regarding my student load debts and voiced my concerns. This subject has been very stressful for me and it is constantly at the back of my mind now that graduation is less than a year away. He was very attentive and reassuring. He reviewed my student loan information and he was very upfront about my options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. His wealth of knowledge regarding student loan law alone is incredible. I am extremely thankful and appreciative for being able to work with David on this matter and my mind is much more at ease. I recommend David to any and every person with student loan debt or how to start the loan process prior to attending school. I wish I would have found him a lot sooner. I am also looking forward to his Student Loan Help channel for even more of his impressive knowledge in this area. Thank you again David!!!!!
Chalice T.
Legal Assistant
I have never been more confused in my life until I started doing research on the different types of repayment plans for my student loans. There is just too much information/misinformation on the internet to be able to figure everything out on your own. David helped me out tremendously when it came to thoroughly explaining the best options that were available for me. He is a true expert in his field and people like him are hard to come by these days. Without his assistance I would of chosen the more expensive repayment plan and I would of paid out way more money in the end for no reason. He also took the time to explain everything to me in "layman's terms" which a lot of professionals forget to do now days. I believe this is a great strength of his and it allows average people to finally make informed decisions when it comes to this very confusing process. I feel confident that I made the best choice for repayment after his consultation. I will be recommending him to all my friends that have student debt!
Ryan N.
I could not have asked for a better attorney than David. Working with him has made the whole process of dealing with my student loan issues comprehensible and manageable. His knowledge of Student Loans, Department of Education and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has me amazed and relieved to be working with such a knowledgeable attorney. My wife and I cannot thank David enough for helping and guiding us through this “maze” of student loan repayment options. If anyone is overwhelmed and drowning in student loans, I would not think twice to recommend David. I am positive he can make most anyone’s situation a better one.
Andrew N.
David is absolutely amazing! He took the time to explain all of my student loans and the steps I needed to take to get back on track. Before speaking with David, I was hopeless when it came to my student loans. I had honestly just given up because it was all so overwhelming, and I didn't know where to begin. If you need someone to point you in the right direction so you can get on track, then David is definitely your guy! I can't wait for his channel to launch so I can continue to follow, and I will absolutely be recommending him to those who need help. Thank you again!
April H.
David was very professional and his expertise in student loans will help me save a lot of money in the long run. He helped me create a path towards my dream career without the worry of financial debt. I am confident that he can provide everyone with quality information regarding school loans and school debt! Thanks again David!
Yesenia R.
Realtor Associate
As a medical doctor who just completed his residency, I had significant student loan issues that needed to be resolved. I contacted David who clearly had a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the handling of student loans. He was able to consult with me and steer me in the right direction which I greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with student loan issues. Excellent lawyer! Thanks again David!
Joshua K.
I contacted David regarding my student loan situation. He was able to consult with me and provide me with all of the options that were available to me. I would recommend him to anyone having issues regarding their student loans. Thanks!
Jenna P.
David was hired as our Circuit Court Mediator to handle some of our foreclosure cases. I was one of the attorneys representing a party to the litigation. David mediated the cases in a very organized and professional way showing no bias which is crucial in mediation. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to any attorney who wishes to select a good mediator.
Nina Ferraro
David handled both my personal injury case and my hurricane property damage case. He handled both cases with the utmost professionalism and was always responsive to me when I had any questions. I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. He is a very knowledgeable attorney. Thanks David!
Michael G.
I am an attorney in Miami who became interested in becoming a certified mediator. As part of our certification process, we were required to observe a number of mediations. David was kind enough to allow me to observe several of his foreclosure mediations. I will say that I was impressed with the style that he used to mediate his cases. He was professional, unbiased and very persuasive in his overall delivery. I would definitely recommend him as a mediator. I am also thankful that he allowed me to observe the mediations as I obtained my credits and became certified. Thanks David!
Carol Finklehoffe
After several of our client condo associations hired several public adjusters and attorneys who did not deliver, we ultimately recommended David. Our clients eventually hired him to represent them against their insurance companies for hurricane damages. David and his team of experts fought hard for our clients and obtained substantial results in some very difficult cases. Overall David handled everything very professionally and the bottom line was that he succeeded in every case that we referred him. I would definitely recommend him and his team of experts for future legal matters.
Joaquin A.
I hired David to help me fight against my insurance company for damages to my home as a result of Hurricane Wilma. Everything was handled very professionally and I was quite pleased with the significant results that he obtained for me. I would definitely use him again in the future. Great attorney!
Mary C.
After fighting for years with my insurance company, I eventually hired David to handle my hurricane damage case in Fort Lauderdale. Through his efforts he was able to get them to pay some money for my damages pre-lawsuit. However, after consulting with David I believed that it wasn't enough to cover all the damages so I requested that we file a lawsuit. David agreed and charged forward aggressively. David thoroughly litigated the case and was ultimately able to obtain adequate compensation for me. As an attorney myself, I was impressed at the way he handled the case from pre-suit through litigation. I would recommend his services to anyone. In fact, I did just that and David helped several neighbors of mine with their cases as well. They were all very happy with the results he was able to obtain.
Gabriel C.